😮 size = "6"> Music is everywhere nowadays, through the speakers you can hear it often and always.
However, live music, we must seek out or arrange for yourself, as I play itself as it was now the latter.
I have over the years played a part in some places and met some troubadours.
A few years ago we had a hit with Per Eriksson Kungsängen, the was really nice and it was DECIDED that we would do on it.
Now it was location, it would be in May with me, anticipated good weather and a little heat in luften.Jaj had promised grund.TAPAS etc.
The 16-time would be the start.
Today's slogan: Welcome good friends.
If it does not get it so, examine yourself and give the bartender, see ... nt
Once again welcome
studio executive
Present 10-15 persons from till.Fasta troubadours and singers, poets, musicians sandwich, it was was Lazze, Linkan, Monica myself, it was nice and lasted a long time, a joy in music and poetry was shared by all present vrvat with tapas, coffee and Monica's good Rhubarb as Lena whipped vanilla sauce to.
Goran was a good waiter and bartender.
Many thanks to all good people to join a very successful and a great troubadour-hit.
Hope all feel a little better.
Some images also .........< br />

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04.03 | 18:23

Otroligt kul att hitta denna sida.
Jag är systerson till Nisse och sista gången jag träffade honom var på Mosebacke när vi hade en spelning med Smaklösa fö

02.05 | 07:28

Tänkte på dig idag Neo i år blir det 10 år sedan du lämnade oss och du kommer att fylla 85 i höst . Oj vad åren går fort , saknar dig

19.12 | 18:08

Tänk vad tiden går Neo men du finns alltid i mitt hjärta

30.04 | 14:03

Fastnade i dina intressanta livsberättelser. Kunde gott bli en bra bok. Nu har jag suttit en timme, fast, men har lite annat för mig.😊 Återkommer..